Lookout points in the Prachovské Skály

The lookouts offer bird`s-eye views of the Prachovské Skály.

The Vyhlídka Křižkovského Sboru (Křižkovský Choir) is the first lookout point from the eastern entrance gate to the Prachovské Skály Rocks. Go through the Branka and climb to the lookout point that was named after a visit of the Choir in Jičín. The lookout point offers a wide view of the surroundings. To the east, you can see Kozákov Hill while down in the valley you can identify a group of ponds in Jinolice. To the northwest, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Vyskeř Hill and (in the distance) the rock formation of the Hruboskalsko. To the north, behind the line of the hills, you can see the Krkonoše.
Locality: some 500 metres from the eastern entrance into the Prachovské Skály.

The Šikmá Věž (Leaned Tower) is a well-known lookout rock in the southern part of the Prachovské Skály, some 8 km from Jičín. It is 422 metres high; on the top, there is Vítkova Vyhlídka accessible via steps carved in the rock. The lookout rock used to offer a superb vista of the surrounding area towards Jičín and Veliš. Nowadays, the rock is half-hidden in trees. The lookout point is accessible from the tourist chalet (follow the Velký Okruh i.e. long trail along the Prachovské Skály.

The Vyhlídka Míru offers one of the best views of a large part of the Prachovské Skály, numerous rock towers and other rock formations. The lookout point is situated in the middle of the Prachovské Skály, accessible from the Velký Okruh (long trail).

The Hlaholská Vyhlídka is the highest lookout point; it is in the middle of the Prachovské Skály, elevated 460 m. The place was named after the Hlahol, a Prague choir, whose members visited the rocks in 1887. Because of fully grown trees, the Hlaholská Vyhlídka only offers a view to the east, towards Přivýšina and down to Jinolice. The lookout point is accessible from the long trail along the Prachovské Skály.

On the top of Přivýšina, there is the Vyhlídka Václava Čtvrtka, offering a fantastic view of the surroundings. To the south, you can see Zebín Hill; to the west, you can identify Prachov. Přivýšina is accessible from Jičín, along the blue trail to the Prachovské Skály (some 4 km), or from Jinolice (some 3.5 km). The blue trail from Jičín is passable on bike as well. You can go to the crossroad under Přivýšina and walk some 300 metres.

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Locality: some 4 km to the northwest of Jičín.

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