Ski Bižu Sport Tanvaldský Špičák

Rentals and ski schools under the same roof called SKI Bižu SPORT can be found in every SKI Bižu ski area. The SKI Bižu SPORT placed right in the chair lift building at Tanvaldský Špičák offers not only a first-rate snow equipment service but you can try out top K2 ski models here as well. After that we will become one of the biggest providers in the field of ski schools and rentals in the Jizera Mountains. We offer high quality equipment and service, trying to meet general standards of Alpine winter resorts. So do not hesitate and visit us at one of our SKI Bižu SPORT shops.

The biggest ski & snowboard school in the Jizera Mountains. Our schools can be found in all our ski areas. Thanks to years of experience with ski & snowboard instructing we can offer you pleasant time spent during our ski and snowboard instructions.
Our ski & snowboard school offers the following types of instructions:
- group lessons
- private lessons
These options are available for both children and adults, either on skis or snowboard.

Kids school: a group of experienced ski and board instructors are ready to help you make your first moves on the slope or improve the skills you have acquired so far.

Our rentals offer first -rate snow equipment of leading brands - K2, ATOMIC, ALPINA, VENUE, DRAKE, NORTHWAVE.

Enjoy skiing & snowboarding on new and regularly serviced equipment. There are about 400 ski and 100 snowboard sets available. For this winter season we have bought new K2 skis and snowboards by Westige. Purchase of some brand new equipment annually ski & snowboard sets regularly serviced, equipment exchange free of charge, possibility of on-line reservation, credit cards accepted.

The best ski&board servicing in the Jizera Mountains - Tanvaldský Špičák: several Montana machines - above all the Twister grinding robot which ensures perfect base repair and gives special structure to your snow gear.

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