Marian garden

The Marian garden is a tourist attraction situated south of Jičín. This vast area occupying more than 100 km2 offers a quiet environment with an interesting history. The major wealth of the site is its Baroque-style landscaping design from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, under the rule of Count František Josef Schlik.

Minor sacral buildings are mostly hidden in the woods and are accessible along almost disappeared alleys and lanes. Discovering them is an intriguing experience. Exploring minor chapels of many different ground floors can be connected with a visit to other interesting places, such as the chateau of Dětenice, ancient castles or marvellous parks at the chateaux of Kopidlno and Milíčeves.

The large number of sacral buildings worth mentioning include the Rococo-style church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Slatiny, the church of St. James, an important object of Baroque heritage in Kopidlno, or the late Baroque-style church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Ostružno. The Marian garden also offers two private galleries in Vokšice and Bukvice or the memorial of J. B. Foerster in Osenice.

Although tourist marking in this area used to be rather neglected, the Marian garden is the ideal location for a family or cycling holiday. Bohemian Paradise offers not only generally known and busy locations, but also quieter, yet no less interesting places for new experiences and relaxation.

Important monuments of the Marian garden
The Loreta, the Shrine of the Holy House, sometimes referred to as the Santa Casa. The place where, as the legends go, the Virgin Mary was born and which angels carried from Nazareth over to Loreto in Italy. The local Loreta features a gallery on its flat roof. The gallery represents a hidden observation platform, not accessible to the public so far. In addition to its plain rectangular ground plan the building is also interesting for its austere or even strict decoration and its location at the altitude of 412 m.

St. Ann's Chapel
A building with a round ground-floor hidden amidst trees on the basalt hill of the same name between Ostružno and Dolní Lochov. The cupola is ended with a lantern and also has a circular ground plan. This is the beginning of the north-south axis of the landscape cross towards the Loreta, Kostelec and Jičíněves. Exploring the landscaping composition of the Marian garden, you will discover that this chapel is a sort of entrance into the atmosphere and a place where you can understand your pilgrimage.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity
An inconspicuous chapel situated near an intersection west of Ostružno. Regarding the landscape cross of the Marian garden, this chapel is somewhat off the basic line and not on elevated ground but in a valley with several ponds. Your eyes will be attracted by the triangular ground plan, triangular cupola with a lantern and other details repeated in the symbolic manifestation of its consecration. Three larches at the corners of this humble building only enhance its loveliness and uniqueness.

Chapel of Guardian Angels
Probably the most hidden chapel you can discover when strolling around the Marian garden. You will be captivated not only by its ground plan (regular hexagon) and repeated motif of a cupola with a hexagonal lantern, but also and above all by its location. It lies on the imaginary line connecting the Loreta and chateau in Vokšice; if you ask the way, ask locals for directions to Andělíčci.

Sacrial Monuments

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