Ponds in the Podtrosecké Údolí - Nebák, Krčák, Věžák and Vidlák

The canyon valleys under the Trosky Castle hide a group of eight ponds: Věžák, Nebák, Vidlák, Krčák, Hrůdka, Rokytnický, Dolský and Podsemín.

The banks of the ponds are mostly sandstone. In summer, the ponds are good for swimming and the surrounding area offers scenic walks. The Želejovský Brook that runs through the ponds called Vidlák, Krčák and Věžák and flows into the Žehrovka is a part of the Želejovské Údolí, a valley lined with rocks and coniferous forest. The area is known for a lot of well-preserved examples of traditional folk architecture.

Nebák Pond.
The elongated pond situated on the Žehrovka, to the northeast from Sobotka. In its surroundings you come across lonely houses and recreational cottages. Under the pond, there is the old Vlkův Mlýn: the mill is first mentioned in 1445. In the forest at the road to Roveň you can find a ruin of a rock castle from the 13th century.

Krčák Pond.
The pond is located in the valley of the Želejovský Brook, about 4 km to the southwest from Rovensko pod Troskami. At the edge of the forest it is lined with recreational cottages.

Věžický Pond.
Věžický Pond has a unique rock bank - the rock towers rise up directly from the surface of the pond. The sand bottom and the summer luke-warm water attracts swimmers.

Podseminský Pond.
The pond is located in the valley of Žehrovka, under Nebákov Pond. The place is convenient for swimming and is surrounded by recreational cottages.

The pond is situated at the road from Troskovice to Hrubá Skála. There is a nature preserve (peat bog) named Rašeliniště Vidlák. Tourists are offered refreshments, a campsite and swimming.


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