Chapel of St. Anna and Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Ostružno

Two significant monuments – the Chapel of St. Anna and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, are situated in the municipality of Ostružno.

Chapel of St. Anna

West of the municipality, on a hill in a forest, there is a significant Early Baroque building dating from 1670(?) built by Count Fr. Jos. Schlik following a design of J. B. Mathey. It has a central rotunda, the walls are divided from the outside by half-columns and pilaster strips and pilasters inside.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity

A Baroque building constructed in 1620 at Fr. Jos. Schlik’s expense, undoubtedly according to a design by J. Santini. The central ground plan is triangular, the building is divided into segments with a door in the middle of all three sides, with a three-part cupola with a lantern on the top. Inside in all three corners, there are Baroque altars with modern paintings dating from about 1740.



Ostružno, 506 01

Sacrial Monuments

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